Whip Citrus Plus

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Whip Citrus Plus is a higher concentration of Whip Citrus for critical cleaning, and increased grease and dirt problems. Whip Citrus Plus, an extra heavy duty orange based cleaner, is a revolutionary surfactant system superior in efficiency. It threatens to replace every cleaner and degreaser on the market today. It is a powerful water soluble degreaser that derives its strength from a natural solvent that comes from oranges. It is a high solids all purpose organic cleaner and degreaser. The non-flammable and biodegradable product deodorizes as it cleans. It instantly dissolves greasy, oily soils and can be diluted up to 100 parts water. It removes dirt, grease, soil, soap scum, lipstick, rubber, ink, exhaust stains, etc. from any surface. Use on: engines, bathroom fixtures, baked enamel, steel, desks, machinery, exhaust fans, any water safe surface where a heavy duty natural cleaner degreaser or deodorizer is needed. Other applications: airplanes, interiors, fire brick, diesels, distilleries, exhaust stains, ferrous and nonferrous metals, tank degreasing, appliance cleaning, carbon and oil remover, etc. Leaves orange scent after use.

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