“We were having an issue with lav smell on a couple of our aircraft, especially during the hot summer months out here in the Vegas Valley. After exhausting all the cleaning products our detailing company had at their disposal with little success, I did some research of my own and found the Mirabowl Q product and promptly contacted Mirandy Products about getting a sample to try. Jack at Mirandy was great to work with and very knowledgeable about the product. He quickly shipped me a sample.We tried it immediately and it was an instant success. We ordered enough cases to service our entire fleet. We use this product regularly, as directed, and I am so happy to say it has been 2 years now since we made Mirabowl Q a part of our daily cleaning process and since that point we have not had one complaint about lav smell on any of our aircraft even in the hottest parts of the summer. This is a great product that is very effective, easy to use and worth every penny. Thanks Jack and Mirandy Products.”

Christi Cordo

Manager, Charter Sales and Flight Operations

CIRRUS Aviation