Mirandy Products, LLC Launches New Website

Mirandy’s Rebrand

Mirandy Products, LLC (“Mirandy”) has officially launched its new website. Mirandy’s new website
functions as an e-commerce website, allowing customers to generate an online cart and quote.
Mirandy’s new website features all of the company’s product offerings in their various sizes. While
shopping customers will have ability to shop and add items to a cart, and upon checking out, that quote
cart will be sent to Mirandy’s sales team where a quote will be generated and sent back to the customer

Customers will now each have their own personalized account that they may log in to and duplicate
previous and easily generate pricing.

Ms. Mendelson commented, “Our new website gives our customers the ability to order on demand,
making new orders seamless and quick. We strive to make our customers’ tasks easier, and we believe
this is one such way we can assist with that.”

Mirandy’s domain name will remain the same at www.mirandy.com. Visit the new website to view all of
our products.

In business for over 46 years, Mirandy Products is a leading supplier of niche, performance chemicals for
aviation, industrial, institutional, and janitorial applications. Among some of Mirandy’s most popular
products are Mirabowl QC, Dissolv Liquid Plus, and Enzymatic. Mirandy’s customers include major US
and non-US Airlines, private aircraft operators, FBOs, hospitals, hotels, and transport authorities.
Mirandy is qualified as a woman-owned, small, disadvantaged business.