Product Spotlight: Dissolv Liquid Plus

Dissolv Liquid Plus is a super powered industrial drain opener that will quickly open clogged sewers and drains. This is a non inhibited pure sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide concentrate which is as strong as sulfuric acid but does not result in any danger or malodors.  This safe and effective product works on contact and on most liquids.

The average weight of any liquid is 8.5 pounds per gallon. Dissolv Liquid Plus weighs 14.5 pounds per gallon which sinks down the drains to unclog any pipe, toilet, or grease trap without causing any damage.

Dissolve Liquid Plus was originally manufactured for use at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York, which suffered a problem with the sewer system as a result of airline food preparations. The grease traps from the food preparation flow into the Airport’s sewer system, a 36-inch pipe, and clogged the massive pipe.

To solve this issue, those in charge of maintenance at John F. Kennedy Airport used 5 gallon pails of Dissolv Liquid Plus, pouring it into the drain at manholes spaced 100 feet apart. By incorporating the use of Dissolv Liquid Plus, maintenance has been drastically improved, going as so far as to eliminate the issue of drain clogs.

In addition to using the super powered drain opener, Dissolv Liquid Plus, we recommend the purchase of an electric pump and timer. The electric clock pump and timer dispenses one quart of product twice daily. By taking advantage of the electric pump and timer, you will know longer need to manually pour drain opener into your grease traps. Using an electric pump and timer with Dissolv Liquid Plus will make your job maintaining your grease traps much easier!

Available in 4×1 Gallon Cases, 5 Gallon Pails, 30 Gallon Drums, and 55 Gallon Drums.

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