Product Spotlight: Drainzall Citrus

Drainzall Citrus is a powerful citrus concentrated solvent for cleaning lavatory waste, sewer injection pits, grease traps, slime, and other waste product build up in triturators, and for the effective control of odors. It quickly reduces all waste accumulation, re-vitalizes sluggish disposals, and increases drainage composite.

Drainzall Citrus is completely natural, meaning it is 100% safe for both people and for the environment. Along with being safe and harmless, the product has a pleasant smell as a result of citrus being a primary component of the product.

Drainzall is available in two strengths: Drainzall 40 Citrus and Drainzall 20 Citrus. Drainzall 40 Citrus a more concentrated version of the product; whereas Drainzall 20 Citrus is more diluted. We offer both options as customers have varying needs based on the severity of the problem.

Drainzall Citrus is designed to be 100% effective when used as directed. By using a few gallons of Drainzall Citrus per week, you will be able to treat nearly all sewage systems.

This product is now widely used across airports and by airlines due to the tremendous dynamic results produced.

Available in 4×1 Gallon Cases, 5 Gallon Pails, 30 Gallon Drums, and 55 Gallon Drums.